XERCOMPARE.EXE is a modul for comparation of 2 XER models.
1. Enter a filename of model 1
2. Enter a filename of model 2
3. Press button COMPARE

- New tables are displayed in green color.
- Tables with some differences have a pink color line.
- If the differences are important (differences in data structure), the field is red.
- If you want to see more details about attribute/relationship/indexes differences of one table, select a row with table name and then click on button Attributes or Relationships or Indexes.
- All dialogs are resizable and they remember their last size and positions.

Description of picture above:

  • "ali apx xy" in "Table dif." means that tables CATEGORY differ in alias, appendix and position.
  • "dt..2 flg..2 cns..1" in "Attr. dif." means that 2 attributes differ in datatypes, 2 attributes differ in flags, 1 attribute differs in constraint (click button Attributes for details)
  • "1+2" in "Attr. dif." means that table CATEGORY in model1 contains one new attribute, and table CATEGORY in model2 contains two new attributes. See picture:

    You can check what to compare   (datatypes are always compared)

    log = logical nameord = order of attr.ond = on delete
    ali = aliascns = constraintsonu = on update
    des = descriptiondef = default valuecar = cardinalities
    apx = appendixdex = datatype extensionREL = relationships
    xy = positionflg = flagsIDX = indexes

    Dialog Compare attributes

    - Upper two grids display the lists of attributes.
    - If you click in the left grid, the corresponding attribute in the right grid is selected.
    - The bottom grids display the attributes details.

    Dialog Compare relationships

    (in a similar way as dialog Compare attributes)

    Dialog Compare indexes

    (in a similar way as dialog Compare attributes)